Videos: Insert Witty Title

By Reetin
Overwatch Tracer SLIDER

Sebahamut plays Final Fantasy VI, Reetin continues Blue Dragon and starts Final Fantasy III, Lusipurr tackles guardians in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Adeki plays a variety of Overwatch.

Videos: Durga Streams

By Reetin
Mighty No. 9 Art SLIDER

Sebahamut continues Final Fantasy VI (he is terrible), Durga’s first stream is Lufia II, Reetin starts Blue Dragon, Lusipurr plays five NES games, and Adeki shows off his skills at Mighty No. 9.

Editorial: How Mature is TOO Mature?

By Bup
Was the picture choice too much? Are you scarred for life?

Hello, my dearest of doves.  Lately I have been playing a lot of mature rated games, and it got me wondering if developers have gone overboard with the amount of sex and violence in their games.  The biggest offender of this is arguably the Grand Theft Auto series, with its insane amount of graphic situations more »