Editorial: Storage Wars

By Imitanis
Nude cartridge action!

heading into the eighth generation it would seem that Blu-ray discs will continue as the standard of the generation. With 4K on the horizon, how will both consoles cope? Imitanis takes a look at how storage media has been used in the previous generations.

TSM Episode 5: The Contingency Plan

By Lusipurr
Look at his armour; there is a reason it looks like that. See Castlevania II for details.

This week, Thea considers what Haunted Castle Dracula might have been, Deimosion rages against the Ubisoft Machine, Reetin prepares to interview Hideo Kojima, and Lusipurr still hates the 3DS. Also: Real ID Parties, Simon Belmont, and job opportunities!

MAP Episode 43: Kiss It

By Lusipurr

Produced 2009.12.13 Another week, another stinker. Exhausted after another night spent in gaol for drunk & disorderly conduct, Oliver is as noncommital as ever. Nate tries to engage him, only to find himself thwarted by Eric J’s savage punnery. Meanwhile, Lusipurr weeps.