Editorial: Airborne Adventures

By Adeki
Skies of Arcadia SLIDER

Adeki takes a ride on the Lusipurr.com funded Reetin-mobile and goes up into the skies in desperate search of electricity to power his internet connection. While airborne, Adeki found three games that take place above ground. Read on to learn more!

Editorial: The Lincoln Ultimatum

By Adeki
Track One: Freein

Adeki adorns his ornamental top hat and grows a luxurious beard in order to experience the life of former President Abraham Lincoln. Which video game best interpreted Abraham Lincoln as not just a President, but as a person? Read on to cast your opinion!

Editorial: Yandere Sin-ulator

By Adeki
Think of the robot/bird hybrid genitalia! The possibilities!

Adeki embraces Japanese customs and emerges himself into Yandere County, travelling as a nomad to explore the term Yandere and how he can tie it back to video games. Can video games be just as…interesting as anime and manga? Duh. But read this anyway!

Editorial: Mel’s Games of the Year

By Mel
Unfortunately it wasn

This week Mel makes a list article about his most memorable games of the year. Though not necessarily the best games of the year, these stood out to him above all the rest that he played for one reason or another. Give a click and see which games made it.

Editorial: The Avatar

By Mel

This week Mel is not talking about that terrible film, he is discussing his responses to avatars, or player characters, as they are portrayed in different games. How do differing methods of designing such a character impact those responses to the games?