Editorial: Favorite Game Factors

By Adeki
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse SLIDER

What makes a game someone’s favorite game? Is it the story, the visuals, the soundtrack, the fully-realized product in its entirety? Or maybe it has something to do with the copious amount of catgirls. Adeki searches for the reasons, read on to find out!

Editorial: Bayobreaking Hearts

By Adeki
Nearly every single one of her attacks is amazing to watch and creative in their own way.

Adeki takes it into his own hands to complain about the shortage of Bayonetta on the Nintendo Wii U despite its critical acclaim and obvious sex appeal. Unfortunately, Kanye West has already cursed out Adeki because of this editorial. Drat.

Editorial Miscellany: Pretendo

By Ethos
Seriously smooth, silky, and pretty.

Ethos got the chance a week ago to play a number of Nintendo games that were revealed at E3 and he decided to write about this for this week’s Editorial Miscellany. Efficiency or laziness? Read on to find out!

Editorial: Banana Debunking

By Mel
And considering what this industry is like, that doesn

Just coming off the smattering of announcements during E3, Mel takes a look at Nintendo’s presence at the expo and weighs it against his predictions. In the process he inadvertently comes up with his favorite article title thus far. Click on through!