TSM Episode 449: Octarine

By Lusipurr
Rincewind and the Tourist Colour of Magic SLIDER

Lusipurr, Adeki, and SiliconNooB review the latest autumn anime offerings, comment on the recent surprise release of Ben Stokes’ Punch-Out!!, report pertinent news about Nintendo and Square Enix, and seek to discover the Colour of Magic.

TSM 118: Oh, Canada! (Oh Yeah)

By Lusipurr
...now surpassed. Is FFXIV a fourteen out of five experience?

Lusipurr is in a hurry to play some more Final Fantasy XIV in his meagre free time, and so he instructs SiliconNooB and Gyme to roll all of their collected news stories into a giant news Katamari. Then, the panel gives away games to attentive listeners!