MAP Episode 34: The Great Podcast Marathon

By Lusipurr

Produced 2009.10.11 Lusipurr and Ethan are exhausted after an entire day podcasting. Ginia tries to cheer them up by talking about her WoW characters, but this only serves to drive Ethan mad. Suddenly, Lusipurr sees a penis! What will happen next? Listen to find out! * * * Setting aside all humour for a moment, more »

MAP Episode 4: A Boob and His Blob

By Lusipurr
The Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast

Produced 2009.03.08 A former guest becomes staff and is threatened with the sack right from the gate as the panel discusses Blobs, Rappers, Zombies, and Puzzling Adventures, all whilst avoiding spoilers!