MAP Episode 50: The Wrath of Lusi

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.01.31 finally reaches the lofty 50th MAP episode, and celebrates in the traditional way: meaningless conversation, annoying noises, musical interludes, and, of course, a massive technical glitch that nearly destroys the entire recording. KHAN!!!!!

MAP Episode 15: Podcall of Dutycast

By Lusipurr
The Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast

Produced 2009.05.24 When the Call of Duty comes, who will answer? MasterChef and Bup, that’s who! Topics include Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper; Spy vs. Sniper; inFamous vs. Sly Cooper; E3 vs. Swine Flu; and Hideo Kojima vs. the World. Answer the call by listening now!