News: Brexiting Bioware

By SiliconNooB
Mass Effect: Andromeda SLIDER

Microsoft execs finally talk about blunders made with the Xbox One reveal, the UK Brexits Bioware, and Warner Bros. are being incredibly dishonest over the Switch release of Lego City Undercover in the news of the week!

Anime: Winter 2017, Week 13

By Durga Syn

Finally, we have reached the end! Join Durga As he descends into the dark depths of despair that is: The end of an anime season! Thrilling conclusions, and hopefully no disappointment await. Read on to see if things end well!

TSM Episode 422: Bread

By Lusipurr
Various *kinds* of bread.

Bread, bread, bread. Also mustard, cricket, video games, anime, and music of the 1990s. But more or less primarily, if we are entirely honest, this is a podcast about, concerning, centred around, and otherwise with a focus on that staple worldwide: bread.