TSM Episode 380: Pre-3 2016

By Lusipurr
Jesus, please make it stop.

As E3 looms on the horizon, Imitanis and SiliconNooB assist Lusipurr in presenting the veritable deluge of industry news, covering everything from game releases to new game announcements to future games in playable preview–AND the Holy Grail is found!

TSM Episode 379: Panty Loon

By Lusipurr
Working with SiliconNooB is a lot like being a member of S-O-X.

With the end of the Summer of Smash, SiliconNooB’s attentions are diverted to other, more Australian, pursuits, including kangaroos, exploding breasts, and inevitable panty-shots, leading Lusipurr to wonder if SN has become a covert SJW paedo-defender!

Editorial: Sega of the Union

By Adeki
Does a better home await you? In the sky? Or with a better developer?

Adeki crafts his own magnum opus as he destroys a once beloved franchise of his and rips it a new one. No longer will the Blue Blur stand tall in children’s hearts as Sega continues to self-destruct with terrible titles being released each year.