Editorial: Camera Control

By Mel

Mel examines that oft overlooked tool: the camera. In every game, especially since the move to three dimensions, the camera must be carefully considered by the developer to fit the game. Mel looks at which technique works for which game-type and why.

TSM Episode 337: GamerGate

By Lusipurr
The conference did not go out with a bang, although there was plenty of flash from Milo Yiannopoulos.

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the GamerGate hashtag, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB finally and comprehensively examine the movement during the bomb-threat-truncated SPJ Airplay debate hosted by the Society of Professional Journalists in Miami.

News: Shitstarter

By SiliconNooB
Betting on indies is a crapshoot.

Another Kickstarter project fails to deliver, Ex-Bioware Kickstarter falls on its arse, Tale of Tales may have exaggerated their quitting [launching a new Kickstarter], and My Wife is the Student Council President is wholly unrelated to Kickstarter.

Editorial: Nintendo Crossing Over

By Mel
It didn

Mel discusses Nintendo, again, this time about their initiatives with IP crossovers. Nintendo was once much more wary of the practice, but has since opened up a lot to the idea. Read on for the finer details and more Mel-musings!

TSM Episode 336: Best Villain Ever

By Lusipurr
England win the Ashes!

In the shadow of a miraculous and unexpected Ashes victory for England, Final Fantasy XV is garnished with the promise of the best villain ever, and Lusipurr and SiliconNooB pull out all the stops as they cover the Quincy, Massachusetts Flag Day Parade.

News: Barmy Konami

By SiliconNooB
Just in case the trailer left you wondering whether Noct rides his Dad...

Final Fantasy XV will release in 2016, Microsoft makes digital support exclusive for the control pad aristocracy, Konami has been treating their staff absolutely disgracefully, and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F has done better than it had any right to!