Editorial: Greenlight Round-Up, Vol. 74

By Bup
The Fast and the Furious 13: We

eeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Steam Greenlight.

Editorial: Fantastic Fours

By Adeki
Now for a terrible pun: Soulja Boy, Tellah.

Adeki breakdances his way into a video game museum and details games that are the fourth entry in their series. Is the almost Chinese word for death truly bad luck, or do series get better the farther they go? Read the editorial four times to find out!

Feature: Summer of Smash

By Lusipurr
THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! (well, actually, four, and, really, in a way, everyone is a winner.)

The Lusipurr.com annual summer fundraiser launches with a twist: donators can select entrants into a Smash Bros. tournament to be held at the beginning of June, with prizes including a book, livestreamed games, and the traditionally miserable Lusireview.

Editorial: Yandere Sin-ulator

By Adeki
Think of the robot/bird hybrid genitalia! The possibilities!

Adeki embraces Japanese customs and emerges himself into Yandere County, travelling as a nomad to explore the term Yandere and how he can tie it back to video games. Can video games be just as…interesting as anime and manga? Duh. But read this anyway!