TSM Episode 349: Live on Stream

By Lusipurr
All Castlevania, all the time.

Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Blitzmage fire up the cameras, prepare the music, and do it live, reporting on how Bethesda Softworks tries to keep reviews out of the hands of customers, and how the Halo series is becoming ever more like a freemium mobile app.

News: Pay to Win

By SiliconNooB
This is going to lose Activision a whole bundle of money!

Activision wastes 6bn on Candy Crush Saga, Konami shuts down Kojima Productions LA, the sales of Halo 5 have been relatively soft, and Miyu Matsuki passes away in the news of the week!

Editorial: License to Entertain

By Adeki
Actual portrait of whoever was in charge when they first decided to make licensed games.

Adeki takes the leap to explore the dangerous world of licensed games and does his best to find the diamonds in the dumpster. Are no games salvageable, or have some passed the ultimate test of time and earned their rightful spot at the throne?