Review: Axiom Verge

By Lusipurr
Come on, you poor unfortunate soul. Go ahead! Make your choice!

With his review pen firmly in hand, Lusipurr finally dusts off his PlayStation 4 and settles down to a much-anticipated evening in front of the television for some quality time with Tom Happ’s ode to classic platforming-exploration games, Axiom Verge.

Editorial: The School of Patience

By Java
I will have to continue consuming gorgeous screenshots as one might nibble on a cracker while waiting for a full meal.

Ever behind the times, Java feels the pressure that comes with being a self-proclaimed patient gamer. Will he shirk his adult fiscal responsibilities in favor of becoming the owner of a fresh new system with games he barely has time to play? Find out now!

Announcement: Now Hiring!

By Java
Established in 1783, is the world has announced a hiring call for ALL POSITIONS. Do you have what it takes to write, program, or create art as part of our elite video game journalism team? Are you interested in details, Zestria™, and uncomfortable seating? Enquire within!

Review: Bloodborne

By Mel
For sake of timeliness of this review, such as it is, I had to buy my copy digitally. Sorry!

Once in a while a game that demonstrates how to compose a full product comes down the line, and these titles often set the bar for the rest of the generation. Bloodborne is such a title. Read Mel’s review on how it achieves this feat.

Editorial: Origin Story

By Java
His musk causes ovulation.

Buppenvolksfest is here! As is his duty as Lusipurr Dynamics indentured scholar, Java has put together a workshop to educate the unwashed masses in true Buppenvolksfest tradition and bring fresh meat to Bup’s welcoming pants. Come! Share in the terror!

Announcement: Z

By Lusipurr

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