TSM Episode 343: Konami Is on Fire

By Lusipurr
...Ko na mi is on fire, my fair lady!

When Konami headquarters bursts into flames, Lusipurr and SiliconNooB hurry to the scene of the conflagration, where they speculate as to the cause of the blaze, crack jokes, report on Square Enix’s manifold prevarications, and read a book about knights.

Announcement: Now Hiring!

By Imitanis
Established in 1783, Lusipurr.com is the world

Lusipurr.com has announced a hiring call for ALL POSITIONS. Do you have what it takes to write, program, or create art as part of our elite video game journalism team? Are you interested in details, Zestria™, and uncomfortable seating? Enquire within!

News: Acting up

By SiliconNooB
Game budgets don

AAA developers have no sympathy for VA pay grievances, Konami lets off some steam, Retro VGS crowdfunding campaign is going nowhere, and Funimation translators insult gamers in the news of the week!

TSM Episode 342: Cancel and Delay

By Lusipurr
Expect something similar in 2016...

Lusipurr and SiliconNooB rise at dawn to record a podcast about the many delays and cancellations announced for the late 2015 release calendar. The Tokyo Game Show is briefly summarised, with the panel expressing guarded optimism for Squeenix’s Setsuna.

News: Tokyo Game Show

By SiliconNooB
The trailer looked amazing though!

The announcements of TGS are recounted, PS2 Classics may be coming to PS4, the trial version of Mighty No. 9 is delayed, and the live action adaption of Prison School will begin screening next month in the news of the week!

Editorial: Introviewing Prison School

By Brock
A.K.A. Kiyoshi and Chiyo

Brock recounts the tale of several pubescent teenagers going to a seemingly all girl school. If you slip up and let your primal urges get the better of you at this school, you are heavily punished. This post again is not suitable for children! Enjoy.