Editorial: A Fresh, Independent Breath

By Adeki
Shadow Warrior Classic Complete SLIDER

Adeki dons his off-brand Indianapolis Johnson hat and decides to venture into the caves to find video games that are not Steam. In a world where Steam seems to be a one-stop shop, what do other video game websites have to offer? Maybe lasagna? Read on!

Editorial: Games! for Jeb!

By Adeki

Adeki bets it all on Jeb! and writes an editorial all about games that he believes Jeb Bush would appreciate due to their stylish titles. Are these games actually Jeb! worthy or are they as sad as Ted Cruz answering phones for Trump? Read on to find out!

TSM Episode 401: Remastery

By Lusipurr
Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Midgar SLIDER

After England’s shock collapse against Bangladesh, panelists SiliconNooB and Adeki join Lusipurr in a discussion about the most successful ways to develop a continuing series, looking at Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Wild Arms, Pokemon, and Dragon Quest.

News: Shafting the Customers

By SiliconNooB
Electronic Arts Chair SLIDER

EA bans the entire country of Burma from playing vidya, Windows 10 Store bought games do not allow online multiplayer with other PC versions, and Street Fighter V has sold fewer than 100k copies over the last six months in the news of the week!