Editorial: Press Start

By Mel
Welcome to Army Island, full of military guys and machine gun turrets for no reason.

Mel continues his look at game endings by taking a look at game beginnings. They tend to be his favorite parts of games. Come look inside to see why that might be, and why endings can be the weaker element.

Editorial: Denouement

By Mel
Whatever they wanted, it sure wasn

Mel writes about game endings and their impact on the player as well as the rest of the game. What should a game ending do and what should it be comprised of? What counts as a game’s ending? All these matters and more are just one click away!

TSM Episode 296: Financial Times

By Lusipurr
* Not to be confused with profiteroles.

Lusipurr celebrates the first week of the site-wide Vagrant Story playthrough with his own version of The Financial Times, uniting economics-and-finance specialist panelists Ethos, Mel, and SiliconNooB for the inaugural report of the Wall Market Urinal.