News: Beyond the Pale

By SiliconNooB
As if by magic RogueStar is now white!

SVU smear against gamers leads to hilarity, Peter Molyneux gets utterly obliterated in an interview, and REmake producer thanks fans for showing how wrong-headed Capcom has been for more than a decade in the news of the week!

Editorial: Choices Are Strange

By Java
Bathrooms are strange.

With little else to do in his evening holding pen, Java turns to adventures where choice seems to matter. Life is Strange and Telltale’s Game of Thrones both offer player choice in two different ways. Is one better than the other? Java wants to find out.

Editorial: Remastered or Recycled?

By Mel
Pre-rendered backdrops for the win.

Mel looks at remasters this week in both a positive and negative light. Older titles were often unbound by the obsequious practices of modern gaming, which is nice, but a flood of remasters would be far from nice! Flood the comments and be nice (or not)!

Editorial Miscellany: Familiar Places

By Ethos
This game has not grown on me.

After a few weeks of Majora’s Mask, Ethos is back to his old self with his return to Editorial Miscellany. That is correct, he wanders aimlessly across topics in true mediocre form. Meeting middling expectations: that is the Ethos guarantee.

Editorial: The Gaming Classroom

By Java
NASA, take notes.

After some esoteric calculations, Java has decided that gaming needs more science. He has never been a big fan of homework, but he would certainly play it in a video game. This week, he looks at some edutainment and wonders why it seems to be so terrible.