Editorial: Break Point

By Mel
Done. Check the box. Alligators. We did it, folks. Gameplay.

Mel poops on AAA game development by going over the spectacular failures that sector has produced in the last quarter of 2014. From Bungie and Ubisoft, to Respawn Entertainment, Mel discusses some of what went wrong.

Editorial: New Super Mario RPG

By Ethos
But I write about it as though I have!

Ethos has been playing many incarnations of Mario RPG games recently and considering how it has been seven years since a Mario RPG appeared on a home console, he speculates on what the next one could – or should – look like.

Editorial: The Internet DOS It Again

By Java
I suck at chess slightly less these days.

While recovering from a virtual reality mishap, Java decided to tone down on the graphics for a bit. He managed to fix the office mail tube, and sent us a report from the world of DOS games. It was stuffed in his pants, which were also sent via tube.

Editorial: A Guided Tour

By Mel
Yes, those are some Game Informer issues on the right. I got bilked into that once, like many other dopes.

Mel discusses game guides this week and his personal involvement with them. Both professional ones for purchase and free ones online, game guides have fallen from prominence lately in favor of on-demand info from WIKIs. Read on and discuss!

TSM Episode 305: Live from Topeka

By Lusipurr

In the first podcast of 2015, Lusipurr, SiliconNooB, and Mel distribute gifts to a lucky reader and staff member. Then, reflecting on the possibility of felicity in the New Year, plans are made for magnificent new Lusipurr.com endeavours and offices.