Editorial: Handling the Skill Gap

By Mel
No thanks. That

Despite a growing trend toward low-skill games, a majority of games require the player to have or obtain certain skills to complete all of its content. Mel looks at some different ways this fact is approached, both for good and ill. Read on and comment!

News: The Winter of Creativity

By SiliconNooB
Not so definitive.

SocJus narratives are beginning to have a chilling effect on industry creativity, Tim Schafer takes an even bigger shit on the people who backed his Broken Game, and the PS4 begins to hit its stride in the land of the rising sun in the news of the week!

Editorial: From Norende to the Moon

By Java
Did someone drop their Nokia phone?

Java is impatient. He is supposed to be recovering from a nasty hand injury, one which momentarily prevented him from playing Bravely Default, but instead tortures himself even more by looking ahead to Bravely Second: End Layer. Welcome to Spoilertown!

Editorial: Innumerable

By Mel
I swear, none of these are made of tin!

Mel looks at the idea of ranked “Best of” lists and decides that they are less than perfect. He instead opts for an unranked and unlimited list of games that demonstrate excellence. Come inside to see why and perhaps to argue why not.

Editorial Miscellany: Radiant Evil

By Ethos
But without battles taking three hours. A nice balance.

Ethos got some sleep and some actual gaming time in over the past week and so this instalment of Editorial Miscellany has some semblance of content. What does Ethos think of the classic that is Resident Evil 4? Do not guess! Read and find out!