Editorial: The Indie Premium

By Adeki
Flannel and sinful fingers.

Adeki, along with four dedicated game developers, wrote this editorial over a period of five years to see if indie games charge too much for their content. Are indie developers overcharging the consumer, or do their limitations even out? Read on!

TSM Episode 392: Burgers and Biscuits

By Lusipurr
Yay, a new Final Fantasy! Hmm, an action game? Ugh, playable party members only via season pass!?

Imitanis brings to the podcast a comprehensive knowledge of the many forms of biscuits; Lusipurr provides an American corollary with burgers, sausages, and pizza; and resident Aussie SiliconNooB provides the beer in this end-of-the-summer celebration.

Editorial: The Lincoln Ultimatum

By Adeki
Track One: Freein

Adeki adorns his ornamental top hat and grows a luxurious beard in order to experience the life of former President Abraham Lincoln. Which video game best interpreted Abraham Lincoln as not just a President, but as a person? Read on to cast your opinion!

Editorial: Picture Adequate

By Adeki
His name? Adolf Rapidash, the third.

Adeki blows the dust off of his Polaroid and takes a picture examining the screenshot/camera function in video games? Is the truth a blurry mess or a clear picture of what is to come in the future? Read on to find out!