TSM Episode 257: Tomorrow’s News

By Lusipurr
FlexiTime is a trademark of Lusipurr.com. All rights reserved.

Not content with bringing yesterday’s news to listeners, the podcast panel employs Lusipurr.com FlexiTime to bring tomorrow’s news to listeners, instead. A bright and bountiful Ouya future awaits one and all, and Lusipurr reads two hand-crafted poems.

TSM Episode 256: Australia Day

By Lusipurr

In this Australia Day 2014 podcast, Lusipurr.com spares no expense in acquiring an Australian panelist for the purpose of talking about the Australia vs. England ODI series taking place in Australia which Australia has won. Advance Australia Fair! Matey!

TSM Episode 254: When Shoes Attack

By Lusipurr
If your child shows an untoward fascination with footwear, contact the Shoe Helpline for Obsessive Enthusiasts. Do not use a shoe to make the call.

When Lusipurr is elected Pope, Blitzmage at last feels that the time has come for him to strike. Unleashing the powers of the Red Menace, he bludgeons Mel and SiliconNooB into grudging acceptance of his new world order–at least, until the podcast ends.

TSM Episode 248: Fursona

By Lusipurr
The evidence of what was to come has been there all along.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday arrive in the United States, promping all podcasts to go off the air, and allowing vacation time for website staff members. But SiliconNooB is Australian and Lusipurr is hateful, and hence The Starlight Megaphone goes on!