Editorial: Xbox Launch Day Highs

By Adeki
But who will die first? Probably Adeki if he keeps eating the staff cheese.

Adeki is back for the segundo editorial in a series all about consoles upon launch in order to celebrate/prepare for the Nintendo Switch’s good/bad release! This time it is all about Microsoft, so is it time to do a 360 away from here? Read on!

Editorial: Sega Launch Day Woes

By Adeki
Sega Dreamcast SLIDER

Adeki begins to reflect on previous console’s launch days as the Nintendo Switch is just about one month from plaguing the world with underpowered hardware and a ridiculous price-point. Have other companies made poor launch day choices? Read on!

Editorial: To Love a Language

By Adeki
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim SLIDER

Adeki returns from his award-winning absence to write all about languages in video games which is ironic given his lack of knowledge of the English language. Will Adeki become quad-lingual? Or is he left to be illiterate in four languages? Read on!

Editorial: Nintendo Switches Course

By Sebahamut
Wii U GamePad Parts SLIDER

With the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch, and current lack of any Nintendo console in the retail channel, one might ask: how did Nintendo get here? The answer might just begin with a switch in strategy that culminated in the launch of the Wii U.

Editorial: Chess Mania

By Sebahamut
Tabletop Simulator Chess SLIDER

Chess was invented before the computer, but that has not stopped modern technology from embracing this ancient game, with many computer-powered incarnations, released on virtually every platform, over the years. We will explore a few today.

Editorial: Free Hidden Gems of 2016

By Adeki

Adeki stops for a moment to smell the cherry blossoms, only to realize that his wallet is completely empty due to the trees stealing all his cash. Now Adeki ventures forth to find free games and shares his newfound information with the people. Read on!