Anime: Winter 2017, Week 9

By Durga Syn
Akiba's Trip SLIDER 3

Join Durga as the Winter season draws ever close to its close! At the ninth week, several shows are progressing towards their final arc. What is in store for all the beloved, and some hated, characters? Read on and see!

Anime: Winter 2017, Week 8

By Durga Syn
Youjo Senki SLIDER 2

Join Durga once again as he dive into the eighth week of anime reviews! Plots seem to be moving forward at an alarming rate for some shows, while others seem to have stalled a bit. Read on to find out what to look forward to!

Anime: Winter 2017, Week 7

By Durga Syn
Youjo Senki SLIDER

As the Winter slowly begins its descent into death and spring considers blooming from the corpse, the seventh week of the 2017 season continues! Each episode so far has been at least watchable, but will the trend continue? Join Durga and find out!

Anime: Winter 2017, Week 6

By Durga Syn
Miss Kobayashi SLIDER

Time moves forward, days come and go, and anime is released every week. This week, toast! Ham! Magic? Several of the ingredients needed for a tasty sandwich. Join Durga as he delves deep into the darkness that is the anime of the week!

Anime: Winter 2017, Weeks 1-3

By Durga Syn
Zankyou no Terror SLIDER

Durga Syn begins reviewing the Winter 2017 anime season, including ACCA 13: Territory Inspection Department, Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil), Masame-kun’s Revenge, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and Lusipurr’s choice: Akiba’s Trip the Animation.