Anime: Summer 2017 Week 1, 2, and 3

By Durga Syn
Saiyuki SLIDER

The Summer season is upon us, and as such the weekly review series returns! Unfortunately for Durga, this season is a couple weeks in already. That means a very long post and a lot of anime to watch! Will Durga manage to review everything coherently?

Review: Castlevania

By Durga Syn
Castlevania SLIDER

Join Durga as he puts off starting the summer season for one more month, as something much more pressing has come up: a new video game adaptation! Can Castlevania hold a candle to the game series, or will it be a major whip in the face to fans?

Review: Katanagatari

By Durga Syn
Katanagatari SLIDER

Join Durga as he reaches into the mystical bag of anime to post a review of a story of a girl and her sword, a “sword story” if you will. Katanagatari is the anime this week, and there is much to be said on it!

Anime: Winter 2017, Week 13

By Durga Syn

Finally, we have reached the end! Join Durga As he descends into the dark depths of despair that is: The end of an anime season! Thrilling conclusions, and hopefully no disappointment await. Read on to see if things end well!

Anime: Winter 2017, Week 12

By Durga Syn
Akiba's Trip SLIDER 4

Join Durga as he dives into not quite the final week of anime, but the final week for some of our shows this season! excitement abounds as we say our farewells to a couple of our shows. Come along and see if they end well or disappoint!

Anime: Winter 2017, Week 11

By Durga Syn
Miss Kobayashi SLIDER

Join Durga as he recovers from the previous weeks mistakes and watches the current week with renewed hope for some of the Winter anime season! Will they be able to recover from the mistakes made previously? Read on to find out!