Editorial: The End of the Fey

By Che the Fey
Who wants this pinup of Betty Friedan? Anyone? Anyone?

This week Che sings a dirge of better times and farewells. With a shaved head and belly full of his favorite meal, Che dictates his last will and testament to a captive audience. Read his quivering last words with the same joy as observing a train wreck!

Editorial: The First Gaming Epic

By Che the Fey

This week Che raps about the epic saga of Metal Gear. Beginning in its humble roots as a frustratingly dense NES game, Metal Gear would later spawn a frustratingly dense series of films with a narrative so complex even Tolstoy would throw his hands up.

Review: Thomas Was Alone

By Che the Fey
At least until it sold out and added a second color.

In 2010, Thomas Was Alone was released as a Flash game. Three years later, this indie darling has gathered critical acclaim and even a BAFTA! After finally becoming self aware, Che rouses himself to review this ancient game.

Editorial: Playing in the MUDs

By Che the Fey
But didn

After viewing the XBox One reveal, Che retaliates by jumping into the MUDs and tracking them all over Don Mattrick’s carpet. Crafty puns aside, Che retreats into the genre of games which were impossibly good by any measured standards.