News: Captain Planet!

By Biggs
We have given up making new characters, have some Dissidia.

This week, a scatterbrained Biggs strings together a series of stories that have no reasonable connection whatsoever. Release dates, misogyny, terrorism, and pink sparkles all come together to form the strangest Captain Planet the world has ever seen.

News: Medic is Mai Waifu

By Biggs
Archemedes, best replacement for Luna and Artemis ever.

Valve continues to prove why they should be the industry standard of how to please your customers, Rift steals some customers for World of Warcraft, Nintendo continues to ignore the internet, and Hideo Kojima talks about something other than himself!

News: E3 2011

By Biggs
Probably not, but we can dream.

While was not able to attend E3 this year, that does not mean we will spare you from an exhaustive report of the new consoles and new games. Go to the restroom now, you will be reading for a while.

News: Anime Central 2011

By Biggs
Nya nyanyanya nyanyanyanyanyanyan!’s News Editor travels to the far away land of Illinois to partake of Chicago’s annual gathering of delightful nerds, Anime Central 2011. With anime, video games, and cosplayers as far as the eye can see, has she returned unscathed?

News: The Neverending PSN Story

By Biggs

The continuing struggle of the PlayStation Network frustrates developers, Sweden dislikes possibly underage boob jiggle, Team Fortress gore porn voting begins, and a new reason why Steve Jobs loves crazy cat ladies.