Videos: Bolding Going Nowhere

Imitanis goes to the stars in Stellaris, Reetin completes Chrono Trigger, plays Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, and boldly goes in a bad Star Trek game, and Adeki fails at Crash Bandicoot.

The Imitanis Entertainment Hour – 24 Sep 2017: Stellaris

Imitanis continues through the stars in Stellaris.

Reetin Aloft – 26 Sep 2017: Chrono Trigger (Part 22)

Reetin and Lusipurr discuss things while Reetin gets nearly to the end of Chrono Trigger.

Reetin Aloft – 27 Sep 2017: Chrono Trigger (Part 23)

Reetin did it, he beat a video game. Where is Reetin’s star?

Reetin Aloft – 28 Sep 2017: Castle of Illusion

This is a short one from Reetin because he was dealing with hemorrhoids.

Reetin Aloft – 29 Sep 2017: Star Trek: The Next Generation

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Reetin plays a bad game.

Adeki’s Adventures – 30 Sep 2017: Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

In celebration of the day after the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Adeki is bad at video games.

Thank you all for watching the videos this week. As always, if you have any suggestions for games we should play, list them in the comment section below. As a side note: Reetin would like you to tell us your best cures for hemorrhoids [Buy a better cushion! -Lusi].