Videos: Reetin Needs to Shave

Imitanis tries to get some oxygen in Oxygen Not Included, Reetin dies a lot in Chrono Trigger, and Adeki talks very quietly into his mic while he plays Bloodborne.

The Imitanis Entertainment Hour – 10 Sep 2017: Oxygen Not Included

Wow, that is a long title.

Reetin Aloft! – 12 Sep 2017: Chrono Trigger (Part 16)

Why does Reetin die so much?

Reetin Aloft! – 13 Sep 2017: Chrono Trigger (Part 17)

Reetin dies again! He is such a loser.

Reetin Aloft! – 14 Sep 2017: Chrono Trigger (Part 18)

Why does Reetin not shave ever?

Adventures with Adeki – 16 Sep 2017: Bloodborne

In this video we have Adeki being barely audible while he plays Bloodborne.

Thank you all for watching the videos this week. We do appreciate all the comments, good or bad. We would also love it if you would comment down below suggesting games for us to ignore.

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