Videos: Twitch Went Down

Imitanis continues with more Factorio, Durga finds himself Earthbound, Reetin trudges along with Chrono Trigger, and Lusipurr hunts Dracula in Castlevania III.

The Imitanis Entertainment Hour – 27 Aug 2017: Factorio

Imitanis continues with more Factorio.

Durga’s Den – 28 Aug 2017: Earthbound (Part 3)

Durga plays some more Earthbound without a mic for a while.

Reetin Aloft – 29 Aug 2017: Chrono Trigger (Part 11)

Durga refuses to take a bus as Lusipurr scolds us for making a bad video.

Reetin Aloft – 31 Aug 2017: Chrono Trigger (Part 12)

He teleports another rock!

LusiPlays Live! – 1 Sep 2017: Castlevania III

Lusipurr makes it to the castle.

Thank you, everyone, for watching the streams this week. If you want to suggest games for us to play please do so in the comment section below.

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  1. Lusipurr
    Posted 2017.09.05 at 14:59 | Permalink

    Castlevania is my favourite series. Like Final Fantasy, it is also dead.

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