TSM Episode 437: Jonah

Do not play Star Fox Adventures, lest a storm deprive you of streaming capability.

Go to Ninevah as instructed, lest a whale swallow you.

The Starlight Megaphone
Download Link: Released 2017.07.10

Lusipurr, Sebahamut, and SiliconNooB are joined by Imitanis in the aftermath of a tremendous storm. The tale of Jonah features prominently, suggesting that daring to play Star Fox Adventures may be the metaphorical equivalent of refusing to go to Ninevah.


  1. Korusi
    Posted 2017.07.10 at 03:00 | Permalink

    Phantasy Star 4 is looking pretty good now isn’t it Lusi? Sorry to hear about the curse of Star Fox Adventures. I say call a priest.

  2. Lusipurr
    Posted 2017.07.10 at 12:38 | Permalink

    @Korusi: No, it’s still rubbish. :p
    Maybe someone sensible will win and I’ll be able to play something that isn’t simply horrible!