Videos: Reetin Remembered to Title This Post

This is a short week for the crew. Sebahamut continues to show how amazing he is at 16-bit RPGS with more Final Fantasy VI while Reetin tries his hand at Star Fox 2, HyperZone, and ventures into the Comix Zone.

Sebahamut’s Lamentable Lagoon – 25 June 2017: Final Fantasy VI (Part 21)

He stands still for two minutes. I seriously do not understand how someone can be this bad at video games.

Reetin Aloft – 27 June 2017: Star Fox

Reetin plays an unreleased classic.

Reetin Aloft – 28 June 2017: HyperZone

This is one of Lusipurr’s favorite games. Reetin got to the very end but was sadly unable to complete it.

Reetin Aloft – 29 June 2017: Comix Zone

Comix Zone is one of the best games for the Sega Genesis.

Everyone comment! If you comment with what games that should be played with might possibly take them into consideration later in life. We also might completely ignore you.