1. Korusi
    Posted 2017.06.13 at 00:14 | Permalink

    Microsoft announced Xbox One S and Xbox One X (The Tesla Motors naming scheme.)

    The Xbox One X is probably being sold at a loss as it actually is priced below spec for a PC of equal price. All of this you probably know by now but… yeah. They also seemed to have had a much better showing than Sony this year considering Sony was like going to the movies and watching thirty minuets of previews and then going home.

    All in all nothing exciting was announced… Nothing you couldn’t have just posted a newsletter and published a Youtube video on your own company accounts for anyway.

    As of writing this Nintendo has not yet made their announcements outside of what we already knew with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which we already knew about except that it turns out… It’s Xcom with Rabbids and a Mario skin… What?

  2. Clinton
    Posted 2017.06.13 at 10:51 | Permalink

    Hard to enjoy the reading when I constantly hear breathing and snoring in the background. For the most part though, I did enjoy it, sounds like a really good book and your pretty good at making it come alive lusipurr.

  3. Lusipurr
    Posted 2017.06.13 at 13:54 | Permalink

    @Korusi: Yep, we know. The conference was just after our recording–we will cover stuff announced during the MS/Sony/N. conference in TSM 434.

    @Clinton: I’ll remind SNoob that he HAS to mute his microphone. We’ve reminded him before, but given that it has been a while since we had a long reading, he has likely forgotten.

  4. Korusi
    Posted 2017.06.13 at 20:49 | Permalink

    @Lusipurr I figured I just thought I’d throw my two cents in regarding the naming scheme. Cause some people didn’t put that together- in fact nobody I have heard from talking about it has realized that yet.

  5. Dancing Matt
    Posted 2017.06.14 at 05:07 | Permalink

    I was hoping for Xbox One 10, but tacking on another X at the end is silly enough, and can still be read that way.

  6. Korusi
    Posted 2017.06.14 at 05:22 | Permalink

    @Dancing Matt With Apple seeking to drop the X (always pronounced ten, management insisted.) part and just call it MacOS they probably thought of it a cheeky nod.

  7. S.T.
    Posted 2017.06.14 at 05:47 | Permalink

    @Dancing Matt & @Korusi I’m just waiting for the day they announce the Xbox One X X-treme X2.

  8. Korusi
    Posted 2017.06.14 at 11:58 | Permalink

    @S.T. I think i’ll wait till they release Xbox One X X-treme X2 XL VR 10K Plus.