Videos: Honest Adeki’s Honest Advertising

Sebahamut continues Final Fantasy VI while mindlessly wandering to the east, Reetin continues to struggle through Final Fantasy III, Adeki battles online against some bumbling bunglers in Overwatch, and Durga starts Dark Souls.

Sebahamut’s Lagoon – 7 May 2017: Final Fantasy VI (Part 14)

Sebahamut goes “just to the east”.

Reetin Aloft – 7 May 2017: Overwatch

Reetin curses at Overwatch. That is basically all Reetin does when he plays games anyway.

Durga’s Den – 8 May 2017: Dark Souls

Durga starts to play some Dark Souls. Durga dies a lot.

Reetin Aloft – 9 May 2017: Final Fantasy III (Part 2)

Lusipurr yells at Reetin for not having a Black Mage. Reetin continues to not have a Black Mage.

Reetin Aloft – 10 May 2017: Final Fantasy III (Part 3)

Will Reetin ever listen to Lusipurr and choose to use a Black Mage? Tune in to find out!

Reetin Aloft – 11 May 2017: Final Fantasy III (Part 4a)

Reetin has a momentary lapse of internet connection.

Reetin Aloft – 11 May 2017: Final Fantasy III (Part 4b)

Reetin finally listens to Lusipurr and changes Refia into a Black Mage. Reetin will forever regret this lapse of judgment.

AdekiPlays – 13 May 2017: Overwatch

Adeki finally changes the name of his stream to reflect that he does not actually play a variety of games.

Thank you ever so much for watching the videos this week. If you did enjoy the streams please do us a favor and comment below on what you want to see on future streams. As long as the games you suggest are not complete garbage we will consider playing them at a later date. [Maybe. -Lusi]


  1. Lusipurr
    Posted 2017.05.16 at 20:32 | Permalink

    I *may* consdier requests. Possibly.

  2. Adeki
    Posted 2017.05.17 at 10:34 | Permalink

    I am nothing if not fat, honest, and Mexican.

  3. Lusipurr
    Posted 2017.05.18 at 15:27 | Permalink

    @Adeki: Hmm…