LFoPD: Monsters!

Bomber Squirrel

Bomber Squirrel

Our very talented monster artist has a method for creating the game’s monsters which I like quite a bit. First, he’ll go off the suggestions I’ve made for types of designs in the different areas of the game. A standard start, but after he’s finished, he’ll look at the design and say to himself, “how can I make it more unique?”

In my mind, his designs are already unique, but going one step further shows why he’s such a good fit for the team. This is the debut project for most – if not all – members of the team, and we’re all looking to make a really good first impression.

The Bomber Squirrel is one of John’s first pieces, but it’s still one of my favourites. There’s so much personality packed into such a common animal.

Like the game itself, John and I are trying to find the happy mix between serious and silly with the monster designs. The Bomber Squirrel makes an appearance in the first area of the game where the party is able to battle, and I think it sets the right tone.

We’re looking to pack close to 70 monsters into the game, so look forward to more monster designs here.


  1. Blitzmage
    Posted 2012.07.12 at 12:27 | Permalink

    That Squirrel needs to be a plushy!

  2. Deimosion
    Posted 2012.07.18 at 08:39 | Permalink

    I like Pierson’s idea.