News: New PixelJunk Game Trailer Shown at Tokyo Game Show

PixelJunk 4am

PixelJunk 4am

This week at Tokyo Game Show (TGS), Q-Games released a trailer for PixelJunk 4am. Formerly known as PixelJunk lifelike, the game is meant to be a way to create music. The game will be available over PlayStation Network (PSN) and will implement the PlayStation Move functionality. A trailer of the game being played is available on YouTube here. Made with the corroboration of the Kyoto musical artist Baiyon, PixelJunk 4am will allow players to create music with a feel similar to late night clubs. The combination of the Move functionality and the night club feel is expected by the developers to help the player truly get enveloped. Q-Games and Baiyon want players to have a new experience with the game, allowing people to stream music live over PSN.

When PixelJunk lifelike was originally conceived, the designers intended it to be an extension of PixelJunk Eden. The plan was to use Eden’s visuals as a backdrop for the music generation mechanics of lifelike. When Q-Games changed their musical direction, they also decided to change the game’s name to PixelJunk 4am. As Baiyon explained it, 4am is “the deep night hour” at clubs, which is precisely the mood they wanted for the game.

The PixelJunk series has already seen games from several different genres, although PixelJunk 4am is their first PlayStation Move music generation game. While their games tend to have a distinct artistic style, Q-Games experiments with various gameplay genres. The aforementioned Eden was their third game, a platformer using music and graphics designed by Baiyon. Their first, PixelJunk Racers, was (as its name suggests) a racing game, while their second, PixelJunk Monsters, was a tower defense game. Both games featured a top-down view and offline multiplayer. They’ve also released PixelJunk Shooter, in which the player controls a small craft as it flies around, gathers collectibles, avoids obstacles, and shoots enemies. Shooter has a sequel, released this year. Q-Games also expects to release another PixelJunk game this year, entitled PixelJunk Sidescroller. The company is also responsible for the upcoming Star Fox 64 3D.

PixelJunk 4am is expected to release by the end of 2011 for the PlayStation 3.