Review: Final Fantasy Legend II

By Deimosion
FFL2 Boxart

Final Fantasy Legend II, or SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu as it was released in Japan, is a JRPG for the original Game Boy. Released in November 1991 (December 1990 in Japan), FFL2 is, as the Japanese name suggests, not actually a Final Fantasy game, but is the second game in the SaGa series, the first more »

Editorial: Julian’s Cute Animal Corner!

By SiliconNooB

[youtube=]There is a well know saying that you can tell much about an individual by the pets they keep, and I feel there is an element of truth to this. But how does one go about selecting the right animal to become a member of the household? In times past we would weigh them on more »

MAP Episode 113: Goodbup

By Lusipurr
Now what will we do with all of our extra macaroni cheese?

Produced 2011.04.24 Nate ‘Bup’ Liles bids the site a fond adieu, replete with farts on a scale never-before-heard. The rest of the panel assembles to bid him well, including special guests Ginia and Reetin. Now I can finally have a proper website again. Ha ha! HA HA! HAHAHA!

News: Candy Versus Jesus

By Biggs
Cadbury Cream WAT

Happy Easter, citizens of! Have you stapled your savior to some wood and celebrated with sugar-coated marshmallows? No? Why not?! While we are talking about the Zombie Jesus, what video game franchises experienced a rebirth this week? As I already blathered on and on about last week, Portal 2 was released a few hours more »

Review: Kirby’s Epic Yarn

By Slab Bulkhead

Though the game has been out for half a year already, it is unlikely that LusipurrCom’s readers have picked up a copy of Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Various reasons abound, from the fact that it is an installment in the Kirby franchise, one assumed to be only for babies and small children, to the fact that more »

Editorial: Activision is OK

By SiliconNooB

Activision is OK I guess. We enjoy to vilify the eponymous faceless corporation (and its jackass at large Bobby Kotick) here at, but really they are guilty of nothing more than giving consumers what they want for a price that they are obviously willing to pay. The market exhibited a voracious appetite for all more »