MAP Episode 105: Indurpstry

By Lusipurr
Lusipurr provides more than one hundred percent of your recommended daily allowance of BETTER THAN YOU.

Produced 2011.02.27 Lusipurr tries to navigate a minefield of Durp laid down by Biggs and SN as the panel discusses Sony’s legal assaults, Molyneux’s deepening madness, and Atlus’s absurd hatred of the West, all in the shadow of a looming Pokemon release! NINTENDUSTRY!

News: NOPEtendo!

By Biggs

Nintendo 3DS Released in Japan! For months, has faithfully been following the development of the first handheld system with a 3D interface, and by following, I mean mocking endlessly. In the beginning, the speculative performance made it sound great, but as time wore on, we learned about the 3D headaches, the price, the battery more »

Review: Dragon Age 2 Demo

By Lane
Dragon Age 2: Hawke

The Dragon Age 2 demo is out, for those of my readers that live in caves. As longtime followers my jaunty scribblings will testify, I was a big fan of Dragon Age: Origins, both in terms of its solid, BioWare-infused gameplay and the foray into dark fantasy storytelling, which is often passed over in favor more »

Review: Bulletstorm

By Bup

EA, Epic, and People Can Fly satisfy those gamers who are in desperate need of a hardcore action game with the recent release of Bulletstorm for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Bulletstorm follows the story of space pirate Grayson Hunt who must fight his way off a planet full of mutated humans, all more »

Editorial: Have We Need of a DRM Offenders Registry?

By SiliconNooB

I have been playing and enjoying Dead Space 2 for a week now, it is a brilliant game which should not give me cause for complaint, but it does. You see I had not realised that Dead Space 2 was online pass enabled, I generally like to think the best of people (j/k) and so more »

MAP Episode 104: I Feel So Good

By Lusipurr
I feel so good.

Produced 2011.02.20 Ginia, Biggs, and the little Australian turd work together to defame and insult everyone under the sun, especially islanders. When their plan for meat syrupification is thwarted, Lusipurr shows up to lend his assistance by renting the site out to Topware.

News: Yo Homes, To Bel-Air!

By Biggs
Woll Smoth

Brought to You By… Now this is a story all about how a young man’s life got flipped, turned upside down. In west Philadelphia born and raised, behind a PlayStation was how he spent most of his days, chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, and all shooting some noobs in a duel. When a couple more »

Editorial: Why You Need to Participate in the Summer of Suikoden

By Ginia

I am writing this post in an effort to make Lusipurr shut up. Thank you, please enjoy! Why the Suikoden Games are Better Than Other Games: An Unbalanced and Unfair Retrospective by Virginia “Taters” Herrell. I shall preface this by stating that I really enjoy the Suikoden series. So much so that I intend to more »