MAP Episode 58: Get Your Crush On

By Lusipurr
All this can be yours for only $53.70 an hour!

Produced 2010.03.28 Eric Jordan makes a long overdue return just in time to cover the final week of the Final Fantasy XIII feature. Then, following a discussion of gaming wank firm GameCrush, Nate Liles falls suspiciously silent. Ginia and Lusi suspect the worse–and rejoice!

News: Milk, Murder, and Movies!

By Biggs

There’s Aren’t Enough Nuclear Weapons in Existence For all of you XBox 360 owners with disgustingly perverted imaginations, there is a game out just for you! Available for 240 Microsoft Points is a lovely little independent game called “Ninja Chop,” and you would assume the game is self-explanatory from its title. But if simple ninja more »

Editorial: Gamestop Gonna Get Sued

By Lane
Abandon hope all ye who enter here

If it may please my constant readers… Ladies, gentlemen, and assorted nether creatures of the Internet, we have gathered today to discuss a matter of grave legal important to the gaming community: that of the threat of Gamestop. Gamestop’s business model has never been… model. Now, some disgruntled consumers (does Gamestop have any gruntled consumers?) more »

Editorial: O Hai!

By Ginia

So, my beloved Lusi-sprites, it appears that I am back … sort of. I am still using the old, broken, piece-of-crapola laptop, but Lusipurr is a cruel tyrant very persuasive person, so here I am! This will be brief, and I do apologize. Next week I should be using the shiny new computer, with the more »

Review: Metro 2033

By Bup

THQ and 4H Games destroy the world in a nuclear explosion with the recent release of Metro 2033. Metro allows the player to enter the shoes of Artyom, a young man living in the Moscow subway system, also known as the Metro system, after a nuclear war causes humankind to almost become extinct.  After Artyom’s more »

MAP Episode 57: I Love Vanille, Mate!

By Lusipurr

Produced 2010.03.21 The panel examines the various comments left by readers in the continuing Final Fantasy XIII feature. Special guest Oliver Motok shows up to profess his love for Nate Liles, whilst Ginia and Lusipurr discuss awesome games from the past.

Feature: Final Fantasy XIII Playthrough (Week 1-3)

By Lusipurr is pleased to open discussion on the content of this year’s biggest RPG release: Final Fantasy XIII! The thirteenth (or fourteenth, counting Final Fantasy X-2) iteration in the ‘main’ Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIII was released in Japan on 17 December, 2009. The American, European, and Australian release took place on 9 March, more »

News: Hooray for Violence!

By Biggs
Girl in Bikini with Chainsaw

Pummel Your Way Into a Swimsuit! Its summertime, meaning its time to be vaguely arousing in a bikini, but what if you cannot possibly spare any time from gaming to exercise? Seeing as we here at loathe the Wii Fit, it would seem that there is no hope and that we are doomed to more »