Editorial: Looking Ahead to 2010

By Ginia

Hello again, my fellow Lusi-sprites. An early Happy New Year to you, and may the Great Potato bless you with a bounty of butter, bacon bits, and cheddar cheese. It has been quite a year, full of new games and new friends and even a new blog site, yay! As this is New Year’s Eve, more »

Editorial: My Top Nine of 2009

By Bup

Today is Wednesday, which means a new amazing post by everyone’s favorite NATE LILES!  As I have not had time to play anything worth reviewing over the past week I have decided to make my final post of 2009 about my top nine games of the year.  Many of you will notice that I am more »

MAP Episode 45: 2009 in Review

By Lusipurr

Produced 2009.12.27 Lusipurr and Virginia settle down to address the best and worst of 2009, their own Christmas hauls, and the biggest news of the week of Christmas. Enjoy this short, end-of-year edition of the Megaphones Ahoy! Podcast, and have a Happy New Year!

Feature: Valkyria Chronicles (Part III)

By Lusipurr

This week, Lusipurr.com continues with the third part of its Christmas 2009 site-wide playthrough of Valkyria Chronicles. Valkyria Chronicles is a PlayStation 3 strategy RPG which abandons the grid-based methods of other genre predecessors in favour of an over-the-shoulder battle system. Though the grand overview of battles occurs top-down with the assigning of units to more »

Review: Seiken Densetsu 3

By Ginia

Seiken Densetsu 3 is often referred to as Secret of Mana 2 in North America, where it was never officially released. A spokesperson for Square mumbled something about bugs in the code when asked why the game was not localized, when originally the company had intended to localize and release the game in late 1995. more »

Review: The Saboteur

By Bup

Pandemic Studios goes out with a fizzle with the recent release of The Saboteur. The Saboteur allows the player to enter the shoes of Sean Devlin, an Irish racecar driver, in his attempt to save Paris from Nazi occupation during World War II.  The game plays like a typical third-person action game, utilizing a cover more »

Review: Canabalt

Canabalt Title Screen

Eric J has been playing the iPhone/iPod Touch/browser game Canabalt, but does he like it?!